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Coronavirus COVID-19: Can I still have my wedding?

Current Summary

  • I am still performing marriages as planned - it's business as usual here!

  • We will adhere to all hygiene and health advice as issued by the Government

  • Indoor events must be limited to 100 people (this will include your guests AND staff) .

  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to 500 people.

  • I am happy to accomodate a rescheduling of your wedding date (your deposit and invoice will be transferred, if you have a need to do so (because of venue restrictions or quarantine/isolation requirements).

Update 18 March 2020

Today the Federal Government announced that there will now be a ban on unnecessary indoor gatherings of over 100 people. The outdoor number is still 500. If you anticipate that the amount of people at your indoor wedding venue, will exceed 100 (including guests, venue staff and vendors), please get in touch with your venue to discuss how this can be managed. As outlined in my previous posts - I will still be performing ceremonies as usual. If you need to make an alteration to your wedding plans, consider the following: 💜 Reviewing your guests list (those who are required to travel may face logistical difficulties anyway). 💜Providing a live video broadcast of your ceremony for those who cannot be present. 💜 Having an outdoor ceremony, or an indoor ceremony with under 100 people, on your planned wedding date (your reception could even follow at a later date). 💜 An elopement-style ceremony on your planned wedding date (invite the nearest and dearest). 💜 A legals only ceremony, so you can get married on your planned wedding date, but move the wedding celebrations into the future. 💜 Either of the above options, with a commitment ceremony on your new wedding celebration date. 💜 Postponing your wedding date. (I have not taken new bookings for 2021 so I still have availability). I am open to transferring all weddings that are currently booked to a date in the future, with no alterations to your invoice. At this stage, my cancellation/refund rules still apply. Again, my heart goes out to those vendors and venues who rely on weddings as their sole income. Please contact me if you require support x

Update 17 March 2020

R.e. COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

To my beautiful couples, potential wedding guests and others. MY SERVICES I would like to make it known that (as at the time of this post), I will be continuing to perform marriage ceremonies as usual during this time of high alert - which may extend to a period of six months. It is important that we do follow the Government’s advice and take proper precautions, such as: - keeping some personal distance - Not shaking hands, hugging or kissing - Washing our hands regularly, practicing good hygiene and coughing into our elbows. - Etc. We should all now by know - these precautions are because it’s important to control the infection rates in our country - so the Health System can continue to have the capacity to treat those for whom the virus has life-threatening effects. While you and I may be likely to only be infected with a mild case of the virus - and you may feel totally ok with having close contact with me - it’s also important to consider my other clients and their wedding guests. I have not yet had to cancel a wedding due to sickness (touch wood), I have performed ceremonies with colds in the past. However, in the event that I become unwell with the identified symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of your wedding - I will engage my best efforts to find replacement celebrant for you, who can deliver a ceremony I have prepared - as I would in any other emergency situation. I hope this does not happen, but I also hope you understand if it does.

CANCELLING OR POSTPONING YOUR WEDDING There have been some recent reports in the media regarding people being “urged” to cancel their weddings.

There is talk of gatherings of 100+ people being banned. Please ensure you obtain your information regarding COVID-19 from NSW Health, or the NSW Government ONLY. These are the only guaranteed accurate sources of information. As I am writing this post, there is no immediate need to cancel or postpone your wedding. At this stage, only public gatherings over 500 people have been banned. Even if your wedding is over 500 people, it is also not considered to be a public gathering - rather, a private event. You may like to encourage your guests to be aware of the social distancing and hygiene considerations that government has issued. No guest should attend your wedding if they have symptoms of the virus, or have returned from overseas on the past 14 days. I have had one couple need to postpone their wedding. This was for very very good reason. They have a lot of guests travelling from overseas, and both parties are doctors - who have had leave cancelled by NSW Health. I had no hesitation in agreeing to wait for the new date of their wedding. As I have not yet opened my books for 2021, I have good availability for postponements to next year. At this stage - with no specific legal restrictions on weddings - in the event that you need to postpone or cancel your wedding, my normal cancellation procedures apply. The deposit is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another available date. Refunds will continue on the sliding time-scale. For anyone in these circumstances - your invoice amount will remain the same (it will not follow with any fee increases in the future). In the event that you need to cancel your wedding, but still want to get married - we can organise an elopement/registry style/legals only arrangement. A NOTE ON WEDDING VENDORS I am in the fortunate position of also having a full time job, alongside my work as a celebrant. There are however, other celebrants, photographers, decorators, musicians, venues etc. etc. who’s sole income is derived from their work at weddings. In light of this, please give careful consideration to your decision to postpone your wedding. Consider your reasons against current government advice. This situation is constantly changing. So keep informed, stay safe, think of others and remain calm. Love (but no kisses!)




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