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all the legal stuff

An experienced celebrant (that's me) will take care of all the legalities and lodge the paperwork to make sure you're good and married.

This really is the most important part - you need a celebrant to get married!

A legals only ceremony is also perfect for weddings where you want a friend or family member to deliver the ceremony, or you're celebrating overseas - but need an Authorised Celebrant for the legals bits. 

no stress, no fuss, super flexible

Don't enjoy public speaking or being the centre of attention? Is being married more important than having a wedding? 

Or maybe you don't want to spend $55,000 (the average cost of a wedding in Australia) on a traditional celebration? 

A legals only ceremony only needs to involve you two, a celebrant and two witnesses.  


The best part is, you can still celebrate however you want - whether it's a big party, or just a cuppa in the loungeroom.  


To have a Registry ceremony you have to drive all the way to the middle of Sydney and pay $584 (or more) for an impersonal experience. 

Starting at $450, I travel to you at any time of the day, in the comfort of your own home, or other significant location, in the Newcastle, Hunter, Port Stephens or Central Coast area.


Indoors or outdoorswith as many onlookers as you want. 

modern communication& support

My legals only service is designed to be flexible, convenient, friendly and relaxed.


If the lockdowns taught us anything, it's that we can get a lot done without printing paper, or putting on pants.

I use simple, online questionnaires and easy read resources to guide you through the process of getting married, step by step. 

I am available to answer all your queries and be flexible to a  changing of plans. You won't pay extra for changing your date or time.

The Cheap - Quick - Legals Only - Courthouse/Registry Style
Marriage Ceremony


What is a legals-only (or Registry Style) marriage ceremony? 


We fulfil the minimum legal requirements to get the two of you married. 


No scripts, no meetings, no fuss. I turn up to your place (or any other location special to you) - and we get you two married. 


Who is this for? 

  • Couples looking to save money by not having a wedding celebration

  • Non-traditionalists 

  • Couples who are having wedding celebrations overseas, but would like to feel the security of having their legal ceremony completed in Australia. 

  • Low-fuss/low-key couples, who just wanna be married. 

  • Introverts, who want to keep it intimate (you will need two witnesses there however). 

  • Couples who want to have a friend or family member perform their ceremony, but they need a celebrant to do the legal bits. 


What does the service package include?


  • All the legal things a celebrant needs to do, to get you married. 

  • The couple completes their Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) Application - and provides it to their celebrant (yours truly), at least 30 days before they intend on getting married (by email, mailbox drop or post). 

  • Celebrant turns up to your designated location (within Newcastle, Hunter, Port Stephens or Central Coast area), at your designated time. This might include private residences, cafes/restaurants or a public place that is important to you. 

  • 2.5 hours inclusive travel time (travel over this will incur additional costs, subject to availability

  • Celebrant, the couple and their two witnesses say what needs to be said, and sign what needs to be signed.

  • You can choose to exchange rings, kiss, or have a family member say a few words if you want!

  • A card with what you need to say written on it, displayed in these vow card holders. 

  • A pen (for you to use, not keep unfortunately... but maybe I can look into getting some pens?). 

  • Your Commemorative Marriage Certificate, in its offical envelope (legal evidence you were married then and there!). 

  • Celebrant registers your marriage with NSW Births, Deaths Marriages. 

  • Relevant follow up information and support (i.e. what to do next, how to change your name, any further questions). 



What does it not include?

  • personalised speech/script/presentation by the celebrant (NB: this does not stop you from writing your own vows, exchanging rings, having a beer, hiring a photographer or celebrating in whatever way you see fit.). 

  • Face-to-Face meetings prior to the ceremony date. 

  • No PA system/microphone by default. 

  • Your marriage certificate from NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages (you will only need one of these if you want to change your name), they are around $60 to order from BDM


Costs starting at $450.00

(see this blog post for pricing) 

A Saturday ceremony at the Registry Office starts a $584. But guess what - the closest registry offices are in Sydney and you have to wait in a daggy government building for your turn. In Wollongong you get pop into the Courthouse, for $649.


With the Literally Legals Only Becky Married Me Package, you can fill forms in while wearing your PJs - and then I come to you (where you can also be wearing your PJs if you really want). 



Flexible dates and times


I am available around normal business hours (i.e. weekday mornings and evenings, maybe even during lunch), and on weekends (at times I do not have another ceremony).  


If you would like to organise a Legals Only Marriage Ceremony with Becky Married Me, please fill out the contact form below, or email

Vow Card Holders.jpg

Start organising your legals only marriage ceremony... 


Thanks for getting in touch!

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