Hey there!

My name is Rebecca, or Bec, or Becky… any variant you’re most comfortable with (although Rebecca is what Mum calls me when she's angry). 

I'm a prematurely retired lawyer, unqualified dog expert and professional third wheel, with almost 100 weddings under my belt. 

I was born in 1993 (you do the math), I grew up in Raymond Terrace, I am a fur-mother to one little dog called Eddie a cat named Audrey, and a foster mother to a variable number of rescue animals at any one time (don't even bother asking me if it's ok to have your pet involved in your ceremony, the answer is yes and I can even direct you on to my sister, who runs a pet chaperone service.). 


I love dogs, my many plants, outdoor adventures, halloumi and pickles, watching strange documentaries, being 6ft tall, painting, taking photos and being creative, volunteering for an animal rescue, growing my hair and cutting it short again, dogs, floral dresses, and the sound of my own voice - which is lucky for you! 


In 2016, I graduated from a double degree in Communications and Law with Honours. I trained to be a lawyer - but  ultimately decided that I would much prefer to bring couples together, than to help them fight with each other in court. 

My "day job" is with a state government department (I can tell you exactly what it is in secret). I absolutely adore my job - I'm one of those people. I love my job, because I get to serve people, and humans are just so darn fascinating!

For many years I found myself saying, "I'd really like to be a wedding celebrant." 


After not being able to think of any valid excuses not to go ahead and do it - in February 2018, I went ahead and became one - and Becky Married Me was born. 


I’ve always wanted to be able to contribute to something special in people’s lives - in a creative, personal and unique way. 

As I still maintain my day job, I only perform a limited number of ceremonies per year (and I definitely only do one per day!). Becky Married Me is my labour of love. 

I'm actually a very rare breed of marriage celebrant, as I'm not married myself!(a unicorn).  This means you won't get any strong opinions or advice on marriage from me - I listen to what marriage means to YOU -  I'm there to lead your ceremony, tell your love story and do all the boring paperwork-y-legal-bits (ew).  

You do you... Boo. 

At the risk of this becoming a Tinder bio, I invite you to go ahead and check out my videos, client reviews and social medias. I've even written a blog about my pets, so you can stalk them too. You can throw any questions my way via the contact page.