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Wedding Ceremony Music – what songs should I have in my marriage ceremony?

Ahhh yes, If I had a dollar for each time I was asked this question… I would have, quite a few dollars!

Exactly what songs you pick for your ceremony, is definitely a matter of personal taste and preference. In my books there are no right or wrong choices. It’s your opportunity to capture your audience’s attention, express your individuality and set the mood for the day.

Remember this banger from the early days of viral videos?...

I have married a couple who had a string quartet play a Metallica song; a family friend sing a capella during the signing; a choir of music students to the side of the arbour; and couples choosing tracks from a range of genre’s – Disney, Broadway Musicals, Punk, Rock…. Ed Sheeran (more than once, and for good reason).

If you have secured the services of a Muso or DJ, they will certainly be able to assist you in this area, as well as make song suggestions.

However, most of my couples opt to handle this themselves (often using my PA and aux cord to play the music through).

The specific song choice is ultimately yours - but here is some useful guidance to keep in mind, when making your choices.

Pick at least 3 songs for your ceremony...

SONG ONE: At the start of the ceremony (i.e. walking down the aisle, bridal party entrance)

Even if you are not having a formal entrance, staring with a song is the best way to capture your guest’s attention and signal the ceremony is starting.

You may like to pick two different songs, for the entrance of each of the parties. If you have a large wedding party, you may like to have a second song as a backup, if the procession takes longer than planned (or you can loop the same song again!).

You want this song choice to give you the “feels” (sentimental feels, excited feels, or even funny feels!).

SONG TWO: During the signing of documents

This seems the least important choice, but trust me, it keeps your guests entertained and focused while you sign a whole lot of boring legal things and get photos taken. It’s also an opportunity to get in ONE MORE of your favourite tunes (maybe the one with swear words in it? Or the entrance song that lost the argument?).

Picking two songs here is ideal… just in case the first isn’t long enough.

If you’re stuck for ideas… a simple instrumental number often suits during the signing. Search for “Instrumental”, “Piano Music” or even “Cellos” on Spotify or Apple Music.

SONG THREE: The end of the ceremony

If you are going to pick ONE song, please, please, please make it the one at the end of the ceremony.

A song to “walk back down the aisle to”, or to have your guests clap and cheer over, really lifts the mood and adds the perfect garnish to your ceremony.

This is the song you want to be the highest energy – triumphant, dance worthy!

Tip: Assign a trusted friend or family music to not only queue and play the music on the day, but to remember to bring it along - making sure to DOWNLOAD the music onto their device, and not rely on WiFi or mobile data!

But hey, don’t stress too much…

Not everyone is an avid muso, and if you’re really stuck, don’t spend hours agonising over your choices.

I have put together a Spotify playlist of popular and ceremony-friendly songs you can dip into. Play it in the car and see if any take your fancy.

And hey… if you have any suggestions of songs to add to my playlist, HMU!



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