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How do I prove I am divorced?/How to get divorced

If you have been married previously - before you get married again - you are required to provide your celebrant with the following information:

  • The number of times you have been married previously

  • The year of each previous marriage (and if date, if you know).

  • The number of children that were born during your previous marriage/s (born during the time you were married to your ex).

  • The birth years of those children

  • How your last (most recent) marriage ended (death, divorce or nullity).

  • The date on which your last spouse died, or the date of which your divorce or nullity order was finalised.

Alongside this information, you must provide evidence that your marriage has ended.

In this case of your previous marriage ending by divorce, this is usually by presenting your celebrant with a divorce certificate.

NB: This is still the case if you were married in another country (unless it was only a commitment ceremony, with no legal or religious consequences.).

If you do not have a divorce certificate in your files, here is the information you will need to gather the required evidence:

How do I prove I'm divorced? From the Federal Circuit Court (FCC) of Australia:

Please note that a celebrant can provide you with this informaiton, but cannot provide legal advice or assist you with the process.

The FCC can only provide proof of divorce if your divorce has been granted and finalised.

A divorce is finalised one month and one day after it is granted unless there are special circumstances and a court order is made to bring the finalisation date forward.

Once your divorce is finalised you can print a digital divorce order from the Commonwealth Courts Portal on the next working day.

Note: Divorce orders from 13/2/2010 are digital orders with an electronic seal and signature.

Digital divorce orders can be emailed to your marriage celebrant, as evidence of your previous marriage ending.

The FCC website has a live chat function to assist you in determining whether your divorce has been finalised.

The process of requesting proof of divorce records is different depending on where and when your divorce was granted.


To obtain further information about your specific circumstances.

I need to apply for a divorce from my previous partner, before I can get married again:

If you are wanting to marry your current partner, it will be easy to prove that your marriage to your ex has broken down irreparably - however there are a few other things you need to consider:

Read the information on the FCC website to confirm if you are eligible to get divorced.

After reading the information on the FCC website, if you are still unsure if you are eligible to get divorced, you should seek legal advice.

Again your celebrant cannot help you with this process! However, you can still submit a Notice of Intended Marriage to your celebrant while you are un the process of getting divorced.

If you are eligible, you can file an application by yourself (or with your ex), online, through the FCC website.

You may not need to attend Court. Court attendance is only required if you have filed a sole application and there is a child of the marriage aged under 18 years at the time of filing or you have indicated that you wish to attend.

A fee of $930 is payable or you may be eligible for a reduced fee of $310. To see if you are eligible go to Guidelines for fee reduction. Once the divorce is granted it will be finalised one month and one day later unless a special order is made by the court to shorten that time.

Helpful Hint - You can log into the portal and choose to receive a notification email to tell you when your divorce has been granted. It will advise you that it will be finalised in one month and one working day later and give you instructions on how to print your divorce order. For information on how to do this see Electing to receive email notification for any open applications on the How do I navigate through the Portal page.

Your divorce order will be available for you to download from the Commonwealth Courts Portal the next working day after  the order has become final.

  1. Go to to log in.

  2. Go to the Available Files tab then select the All tab and choose your file.

  3. Under the Additional options for this file heading select List of orders.

  4. Select View Orders in the right hand column in the row next to the Hearing divorce event type to open the digital order.

  5. Print. It is recommended that you print the divorce order double sided and in colour.

The divorce order has an electronic seal and signature and is an original order. This divorce order is the only official and original record the court issues and is evidence that a divorce order has been made.

This electronic document can be emailed to your celebrant as evidence of your previous marriage ending. For more information visit: FCC How do I apply for a Divorce?

The information in this blog post is not legal advice, and was sourced directly from: List of Divorce How do I's - FCC

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