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Photo: Third Wheelin Co.


(and Lake Macquarie!!! Woo! )

We're laid back, fun-loving and beach going. 

I'm a Newy local - and if I'm not sipping a cold-brew, eating a $12 gourmet schnitty or strolling along the dog beach, 

You'll find me marrying a (probably really good-looking) couple in Newcastle or Lake Macquarie, NSW. 

Whether it's at one of our beautiful beaches, by the tranquil Lake Macquarie, in one of our gorgeous parks, at your top-class wedding venue or even in your own backyard. 

I'm the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Celebrant for you! 

I even have my home office in Adamstown... 

... so is it my place? Or yours? 

Here are some of our amazing venueS...

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