Becoming a marriage celebrant

I don’t think I’m alone when I say, I’ve seen my fair share of boring wedding ceremonies. You’ve been waiting for the bride to arrive fashionably late, you’re starting to sweat under the sun and then you have to sit through 20 minutes of uninspired lecturing from some fuddy-duddy celebrant you can barely hear. The only thing getting you through, is the promise of a cold beer and some luke-warm canapés before the reception begins.

Or, alternatively, this happens...

I lost count of the amount of times I said to myself, I could do a better job than that!  

I could bring something refreshing to this industry. I’m 25, I’m not married, I don’t get around in slacks from Noni-B, and my name is not Bronwyn, Sue or Margaret.

But for a long time, I did absolutely nothing to prove that. In 2016 I graduated from my honours degree in law. Why would I go back and re-train in something else, and start my own business, after spending six years at university? I had a seemingly glamorous life in the legal profession ahead of me….

This is where the story gets a little lame. In 2017 I had a bit of a life changing moment. I was travelling in New Zealand and my boyfriend wanted to do a bungee jump for his birthday. I literally lost sleep over the thought of voluntarily plummeting into a rocky ravine. I would watch Youtube videos of others doing it and felt physically sick. It’s something I never thought I would do, or have the capacity to do. But, I committed to the task – for his birthday (world’s best girlfriend right here).  

I’ll skip the extensive description of that day, but, I did it. The second I jumped (fell), my fear was left on that platform and I experienced something absolutely exhilarating. And I would do it again in a second.

That one recreational activity really shifted my attitude towards my entire life. What was really stopping me from doing something that I would probably really enjoy? It was only the fear of trying something new. The unfamiliar.

I’ve always wanted to be able to contribute something special to peoples lives. In a creative, personable and unique way. I trained to be a lawyer, but ultimately I decided that I would much prefer to bring couples together, than to help them fight with each other in court.

So, this year, I stopped saying “I could” and I went ahead and “did”.

I channelled my experience in public speaking, acting and performance – as well as my ability to do legal paperwork – into starting ‘Becky Married Me’. I still work full time, I love my professional career, but Becky Married Me is my labour of love.

I am a young, vivacious and open-minded marriage celebrant, committed to bringing my own personality, performance experience, organisational skills and legal-know-how into formulating relaxed and fun wedding ceremonies, that are as unique as the couple are.

I get to hang around happy, in love people, their family and friends. I get to network with creatives and designers, frothing over wedding set-ups. I get to be a part of something special in people’s lives.


I get to pat lots and lots of dogs. 


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