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Am I The Celebrant for you? (My Services)

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

I’m not your typical marriage celebrant, I was born in 1993 and my name is not Bronwyn, Sue or Margaret – it’s Becky.

I specialise in fun, relaxed, happy & heartfelt, modern marriage ceremonies. My favourite part about being a marriage celebrant is getting to meet so many diverse couples, with unique stories to share.

My belief is that your marriage ceremony is all about YOU (BOTH). You want short and sweet? You got it! You want to include cultural or religious rituals that are significant to you? No worries! You want Aunt Meryl to perform her special yodelling routine mid-ceremony? I can’t wait!

I understand that the process of planning a wedding can become a little overwhelming - your venue, your photographer, your DJ (I know this because my other half is a wedding DJ) are all sending you emails, invoices and booking meetings!

My goal is to make the “getting married” part (IMPORTANT) as stress-free, streamlined and enjoyable as possible!

I do not assign my couples with complicated “homework”. I’m there to “hold your hands” and guide you through the process (I’m a professional third wheel).

As a legally-trained professional (I hold an Honours degree in Law, total nerd), I know my way around paperwork and the law. That’s my job – all you need to focus on is the lovey-dovey FUN stuff!

We will meet up once, to introduce ourselves, have a chat and complete the initial marriage paperwork. From there on in, you can contact me (via text, email, Facebook) as many times as you need with as many questions as you have.

All you’ll need to do, is to outline your personal information, preferences and specific ceremony requests in the comprehensive “Ceremony Questionnaire” I email to you. You and your partner can have some fun completing this together, or you can both do it separately. You can bookmark the questionnaire in your browser or as an App on your phone, saving drafts as you go. Easy Peasy!

I can send you a full draft of your wedding ceremony and you can request edits and amendments – your day, your way! Or, you can keep the script fresh as a surprise on your big day!

Why don't I do multiple meetings and a rehearsal?

There are two reasons for this. 1) I work full time. I have a job in legal policy for the state government and I love it! Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, so my availability as a celebrant is outside of business hours (which likely suits you too!).

This also means I limit myself to around 26 weddings per year and I will only ever do ONE ceremony a day.

I never book more than one wedding a day, or more than one per week, so that I can devote all of my energy to the couple getting married. That also means you have me for your ENTIRE wedding day – I have nowhere else to be!

2) You really don’t need a rehearsal! (Check out my blog on the Benefits of not having a rehearsal) It is often very difficult to schedule a time where everyone involved in your ceremony is available for a rehearsal – to combat this - I provide all my couples with a comprehensive, step-by-step, fully-scheduled run sheet of how the ceremony will pan out on the day. You can provide this run sheet to anyone who may be involved in the ceremony – bridal party members, photographers, musicians – share it around and everyone will be on the same page without the need for a rehearsal! You can save walking down the aisle for the big day!

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from staging your own ceremony rehearsal without me there!

Perhaps I do things a little differently to other celebrants, but I find that my couples love the efficiency and ease of my process.

If you haven’t already, check out my website, watch my videos and read the reviews from my Happy Couples on Facebook and Google.

If you want a young, energetic, fun-lovin', legally trained, professional celebrant, who focuses on quality over quantity, ease of process and writes non-boring, non-religious, modern marriage ceremonies - then I'm the one for you, it's love at first sight!



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